How to submit business to Accord Mortgages

Follow these steps to get started

Step 1 - Register with Accord

Complete our easy & simple registration form and you’ll get access to:

  • Key Facts Illustrations
  • Your lending decisions
  • Your applications

Once you’ve completed the form, we’ll email you login details within 1 working day. After that you can start to submit applications.


To register you’ll need to:

  • Provide some personal details
  • Provide details about your business and how you’re regulated
  • Tell us how best to contact you
  • Select your lending partner from our list

Step 2 - Find a product

It’s easy to find the right mortgage for your clients with Accord.

If you’ve already browsed the various sourcing systems then you’ll see we’re well represented. We also provide a handy product finder for quick searching and filtering of products.


  • Check sourcing systems to see some of our best deals
  • Browse our product range with our handy product finder
  • Check our lending criteria for details on client affordability

Step 3 - Get a lending decision

We’ll only carry out a soft credit check, so it won’t leave a permanent trace on your client’s credit record. Our lending decision process allows you to give us information about your client so that we can assess their affordability and provide you with a decision.

It’s key that you provide as much information as possible as this contributes to your client’s credit score and the overall decision. An ‘Accept’ lending decision is subject to:

  • A satisfactory valuation of the property to be mortgaged.
  • The information provided remaining unchanged.
  • The information provided during the full mortgage application meeting

    If the decision is ‘Accept’ we will send you a list of the minimum documents we need (we may ask for more).

    Our lending decisions last for 30 days so you’ll need to move onto the full application within that time. After this expires, you’d need to redo the lending decision.


  • Mortgage information such as purpose, loan amount, term etc
  • Your clients personal details
  • Their employment information
  • Their contact details
  • Financial details – income, outgoings and HINT: the more you can tell us about your client, the more likely we are to be able to provide a quick lending decision.

Step 4 - Complete the Mortgage Application

If you’ve found a product and obtained a successful lending decision, you’ll need to complete a mortgage application to reserve the product.

  • We'll start processing and request a valuation as soon as the valuation fee has been paid (unless you let us know you want to delay the valuation).
  • Please complete in full all the questions that apply to your clients. If new information later comes to light, we may need to credit check again and recalculate affordability. This could result in a case being declined that was previously accepted.
  • The application will expire either in 90 days or if cancelled by our underwriters due to inactivity (whichever is sooner). If this happens you'll need to start the entire process from the beginning, including paying fees.



  • Check our information on valuations
  • Make sure you have your client’s details to hand including their payment details for the mortgage
  • Look up the fees that need to be paid as part of the application
  • Ensure your client's solicitor or licensed conveyancer is on our panel of approved solicitors by using our online panel checking tool .
  • If your client does not have a solicitor or licensed conveyancer you can use our Conveyancing service prior to or during the application to instruct a solicitor on their behalf.

Step 5 - The mortgage offer

For each application your underwriter will let you know their contact details. They'll keep in touch with you about progress and let you know what documents we need.

  • The fastest way to get your documents to your underwriter is from a link in the MATS emails we send to you. Find out more about document upload .
  • Once we've looked at the documents, we may have questions or need more documents for the case to become “fully packaged”.
  • When we've got everything we need we aim to get an offer to you within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Offers are valid for six months. If the offer expires you'll need to start the whole process again, including paying any fees.


  • Your underwriter will be in touch when you submit an application
  • You can use MATS to check the progress of the application and upload any necessary documents.

Step 6 - Completion

Once funds are released and the mortgage account opens, we’ll pay any procuration fee that’s due.

  • For all new residential cases, we pay a fee of 0.45% (min £200 – no max).
  • For portability applications, we pay 0.3% on any top-up borrowing.
  • Additionally, we also pay 0.3% (min £50 – no max) for any additional lending application and 0.3% for any product transfer.


  • Make sure you submit your business through the correct lending partner
  • Check your payment bank details are up to date

Help & support when you need it

We’re here to help and support you and your clients, not just when you submit an application to us but all the time. Here’s some of the ways we can help:

  • Your underwriter will contact you when anything changes with the case.
  • We provide updated service standards on our home page to let you know our processing times for cases.
  • Our sales team are on hand to answer any questions you may have about lending policy and you can always refer to your Business Development Manager to find out how they can help you develop your business.
  • For quicker assistance use our Web Chat and FAQ facilities.