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Guide to lending decisions

  • Provide as much information as possible: it all contributes to the credit score and could make the difference between a quick "Accept" and waiting for a referral.
  • We identity check your clients online.
  • We check your client's credit record online.
  • We aim to check and reply to referrals within 4 hours.
  • An Accept decision is subject to:
    • A satisfactory valuation of the property to be mortgaged.
    • The information provided remaining unchanged.
    • The information provided during the full mortgage application meeting

What you'll need for a lending decision

Mortgage Information

  • Purpose
  • Loan amount
  • Valuation / purchase price
  • Term

Applicant(s) personal details

  • Name, including previous / maiden surname
  • Marital status and dependants
  • Previous 3 years address - including length of time and residential status at each address
  • Nationality / leave to remain in UK if applicable
  • Date and place of birth

Employment information

  • Employment status and job type
  • Full or part time
  • Expected retirement age
  • Start date with current employer
  • Previous employment start and end dates if in current job for less than 3 months

Contact details

  • Home / work / mobile phone / email / fax
  • Preferred contact method and time


  • Bank accounts / credit cards
  • Previous / existing mortgages - rent received and/or mortgage payments
  • Income - annual basic or pension, overtime, commission
  • Extra income details
  • Anticipated retirement income
  • Arrears / CCJs / Bankruptcy / IVAs / Defaults / Possessions
  • Financial commitments e.g. loans, hire purchase, maintenance, school fees, other significant outgoings


  • The more you can tell us about your client's income, the more likely we are to give you an immediate lending decision.
  • We take all income sources into account, including overtime, bonus and commission.

What next?

Once you've submitted the information - you'll either get an instant Accept lending decision or the information will be referred to our underwriting team for review. Please wait to receive an Accept lending decision before completing a full mortgage application.

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