Transfer of

If you’re acting on behalf of a client who wants to add or remove someone from an Accord mortgage, you need to complete a Transfer of Equity application.

How does it work?

The last 12 mortgage payments must have been made on time and in full at the time of applying. We’ll carry out a credit search for all applicants. We’ll also need proof of income such as payslips and corresponding bank statement.

We’ll need proof of residency and identification for anyone being added to the mortgage. Your client(s) will need to pay a non-refundable £160 processing fee.

We don’t pay a proc fee for Transfer of Equity cases.

How to apply


Download form

Download the Transfer of Equity form to complete with your client(s).


Get a mortgage illustration

Call us on 0345 1200 891 and our friendly team will produce a mortgage illustration for you.


Send app.

Once you’ve got the mortgage illustration, send the application and any supporting documents.

When we receive the completed application your dedicated underwriter will call you to introduce themselves and talk through the case. You’ll have direct access to them through the whole application, so no hand-offs or middlemen to deal with.

Find your clients a legal adviser and earn £100

We've teamed up with eConveyancer, an online conveyancing service, to help make it easy for you to find a legal adviser for your clients. Simply input a few basic client and property details to get a list of conveyancers ranked by cost and service record. Not only can you find a good deal cost wise, but you can view feedback on the service offered by each firm.

Find out more

In return for your clients using the service, you’ll receive £100 directly from eConveyancer, once the transfer has completed. You can get a quote using Accord eConveyancing prior to or during the application process.

Important things to consider

Due to a change in those named on the mortgage, a revaluation of your client’s property may be required. There is a non-refundable £70 fee for this. Providing it meets our affordability criteria, your client(s) can borrow more money as part of their Transfer of Equity. You’ll need to fill out the relevant section on the application form. When you call us, one of our friendly advisers will discuss this with you.