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After logging in, you should select the ‘Mortgage illustration’ option at the top of the left-hand menu, where you’ll be given the option of creating either a new lending or product transfer mortgage illustration.

You’ll also be able to see a list of all mortgage illustrations produced previously, as well as any product transfer offers. Alternatively, you can use our illustration request form.
After logging in, you should select ‘Request product transfer‘ at the bottom of the left-hand menu. This will begin the product transfer application.
Our online process carries out a number of checks on an account to ensure that it’s eligible for a product transfer and that it can be done online.

The vast majority of accounts pass these checks, but a small number won’t. That doesn’t mean that you can’t do a product transfer, but it requires a manual check by one of our team. You’ll need to download and complete the application form.
All documents such as the mortgage offer, IDD or terms & conditions can be downloaded, either before the client’s acceptance is submitted, or from the confirmation page immediately after acceptance.

If you don’t download the offer document from either of these places, it’s also stored within the ‘mortgage illustration’ page and is held in our database.
Yes. From a regulatory perspective, we need to show that ERCs will apply if a transfer takes place before the maturity date, even though you has told us (and we know) that your clients want to delay.

In section 10, the offer outlines that there are two options; pay the ERCs or delay. The offer will state in bold that your clients have indicated they wish to delay.
They don’t! Our new online process means that once you hit the submit button at the end of the application, the transfer has been legally accepted and we’ll begin processing the transfer.

This means your client no longer has to wait for the documents to sign and return.
If you don’t accept the offer at the point it is created, you’re unable to go back and accept it at a later time, for example, if you’ve posted it for approval to client.

You’ll need to log back into your client’s application when they’re are happy to accept, create a new offer (subject to the product still being available) and then accept. Because of the simplicity of the process, this should take less than 5 minutes.

Any outstanding fees can be paid via the phone using our secure processes.

If any fees are payable, this needs to be done by your client as soon as possible after the acceptance has being submitted. If they don’t pay within 7 days, we will try to contact them to discuss this. If we are unable to get in touch with your client, the acceptance will be cancelled after three attempts and the process will need to be started again.

If you’ve selected to ‘switch immediately’ the transfer will be dated to the date of the online acceptance.

If you selected to ‘delay‘, the transfer will take place immediately after the current mortgage product expires.
Our online application will tell you in a number of places what option you’ve selected as you progress through it.

You can also refer to the mortgage offer, which is available in the Mortgage Illustration section.
Immediately after submitting the acceptance, we present you with a confirmation page which contains both a summary of the transfer you’ve just completed, plus the opportunity to download the documents.

We’ll send a confirmation email to your clients to confirm the transfer.

Outside of this, we don’t proactively contact you again, apart from to pay the proc fee.
Cashback will be paid once the mortgage has completed. We’ll automatically pay the cashback into the bank account set up for mortgage repayments Direct Debits. For accounts with no Direct Debit, we’ll ask your client for account details to send the cashback to upon completion.

If the mortgage is made up of more than one part and transferring to the same product code but on different dates, cashback will be paid upon completion of the last part. Please note: cashback will only be paid once regardless of how many parts you transfer to the qualifying product. 

If your client is transferring to different products on different dates, we will pay separate cashback for each part with a differing product code. The cashback will be paid upon completion of each product part.

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