Which inspection is right for my client?

The mortgage valuation

The mortgage valuation is solely for our purposes so that we can be satisfied that the property provides sufficient security for us to lend. Your client will not receive a copy of the valuation report.

Where a physical or desktop valuation has been completed a copy of the valuation report can be found within case documents within the broker portal, please remember it is NOT A SURVEY and does not give any indication as to whether the property is worth what is being paid for it, nor does it provide a list of any repairs that may be needed. No report will be available if the property has met our Automated Valuation criteria.

We would recommend that your client obtains a more detailed inspection of the property. There are two types available, a HomeBuyer Report and a Building Survey.

HomeBuyer Report

We can arrange to carry out a HomeBuyer Report for your client at the same time as the mortgage valuation. Presented in a standard format, it is designed to focus on defects and problems which are considered urgent or significant. A HomeBuyer Report is suitable for properties which are of standard type and construction and appear to be in reasonable condition.