Yes, I really can be flexible with criteria

Common sense is what brokers are crying out for and we do our best to use it, all day, every day, for all your clients. There are some ‘no go’ areas where we just won’t lend and we’re really clear about what those are. But there are plenty of times when I have the ability to make a judgement call and be flexible with our criteria for good cases.


We’ve come a long way

We’re rebuilding our reputation with brokers

Accord’s people used to have a pretty poor reputation. We were slow and difficult to deal with. You couldn’t speak to the decision maker. All that’s changed – and brokers are noticing. It’s been a big year for awards, but we didn’t want them for their own sake – our motivation is our desire to win your business.

That's why it's a great time to rediscover Accord.

And we really do want to help

As well as having common sense, all Accord’s underwriters know how much you care about giving your clients the best service you can. It’s your reputation that’s on the line when you recommend a lender. We know you’ll want to keep working with people who make you look good to your clients, so count on us to do that.

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