Technical questions

Here are some of the more frequently asked technical questions

Which browser do I need to view this site?

Our site has been designed to work the majority of up-to-date, popular browsers on either Apple Mac computers, Windows based PCs, mobiles and tablets.

If you are using an old browser, you will be able to view the information pages but you will not be able to use our online application facility. To make an application online we recommend you upgrade to the latest version of a major browser. Some of the most popular are:

Will I need to change my screen resolution?

The Accord Mortgages website is designed to adapt to the screen resolution of your device, so you shouldn't need to adjust your screen resolution.

Accord Mortgages recognises the importance of providing a website that can be used by the widest possible audience in a variety of ways. Building a website which is accessible by everyone is our ongoing commitment.

Does this site use frames?

Website designers use frames to split the screen up into separate areas. This can occasionally cause problems especially when links to other websites are used. For this reason, our site does not use frames.

Do I need plug-ins?

"Plug-ins" are additional software programs required by some sites to make them work properly. An example is Flash Player from Adobe. Our site does not need any plug-ins to work effectively.

I use an Apple Mac computer - can I access your site and use your online facilities?

There should be no difficulty in using your Mac with our site as long as you are using an up-to-date version of one of the newer browsers, e.g. Safari, Firefox or Chrome. If you are using an older browser you may not be able to use the mortgage application forms.

I am having difficulty accessing the site

Most organisations have "firewalls" to protect their networks and their computers. A firewall is a secure gateway through which all communication passes and which protects the organisation's computers from unauthorised access by filtering the information getting in and out. Depending on how the firewall is set up, access to another secure server may be denied.

If you are having problems accessing the site check with your IT department to see if a firewall is in place that may be affecting access to our site and how this has been set up.