Accord Remortgage Service

We've teamed up with eConveyancer to offer new business 'Remortgage Only' products with Free Remortgage Legal Service.

The Free Remortgage Legal Service offers free remortgage legal work from a carefully selected range of legal advisers from all over the UK, including Northern Ireland. We'll pay the legal fees for a standard remortgage; however, fees relating to any non-standard work will be payable by your client.

The benefits

  • eConveyancer will select the legal adviser from a network of carefully chosen solicitors.
  • All products include a paid standard valuation.
  • Case tracking - log on to Accord eConveyancing to keep track of progress.
  • Streamlined service: easy to use for you and your client
  • Product choice: Check out our online product finder tool to select a Remortgage Service deal to suit your client.

Key information

  • Available for freehold and leasehold properties.
  • Only registered properties subject to one charge qualify.
  • The legal adviser acts for Accord Mortgages only. If your client requires any legal services, they should appoint their own legal adviser.

How it works

  1. You select a Remortgage Service product during our online application process.
  2. We'll notify eConveyancer to instruct the solicitor on receipt of your fully completed mortgage application form.
  3. You receive logon details for Accord eConveyancing so that you can track the case.
  4. A welcome letter is sent to your client(s), including a form to complete and return so that the transaction can proceed.
  5. Providing your client(s) respond promptly and the case is able to proceed as a standard remortgage transaction, completion will follow quickly. We expect that 80% of standard remortgage cases with one charge should complete within 15 working days of receipt of offer (excluding Northern Ireland).


Q. What does "Free Remortgage Legal Service" really mean?

A. We mean that standard remortgage transactions will be free of legal fees for your clients for both freehold and leasehold properties.

Typical exclusions include:

  • HM Land Registry fee above £40 to register the property if it is not registered. Accord will pay the first £40.
  • Deed of postponement fee where there is a second charge on the property.
  • Transfer of Equity fee.
  • Landlord/management company Notice of Mortgage fee

This list is not exhaustive; your client should ensure they read their paperwork carefully and are clear about any fees payable.

Q. What happens if the case requires additional work to that required in a standard remortgage case?

A. Your client will be contacted by the solicitor and advised of the additional work and costs. Your client can then decide whether or not to proceed. The Accord eConveyancing tracking system will be updated to reflect this.

Q. I already use Accord eConveyancing for other cases, can I keep the same logon?

A. Yes. Additionally, Remortgage Service cases will be clearly flagged as such on the Accord eConveyancing system.

Q. Do I get paid for using the Remortgage Service via Accord eConveyancing?

A. You will receive your usual procuration fee, however, to keep the product rate competitive there is no additional payment for using this service. The benefits to you are a fast, straightforward, free service to you and your client.

Q. How are the solicitors paid?

A. Accord pays the solicitors directly on behalf of your client(s) for standard remortgage cases. Any additional costs incurred will be invoiced to your client(s).

Q. What happens if I select a Remortgage Service solicitor for a product that does not offer the Remortgage Service with Free Remortgage Legal Service?

A. Your client will be charged directly by the solicitor for all the legal work carried out by the solicitor in connection with the remortgage. Please note that, in this instance, your client will need to instruct the solicitor.