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Our range of Offset mortgage products gives your clients the best of both worlds.

  • Save money on repayments now or in the future
  • Shorten the mortgage term

Use our online product finder to search for the right offset deal for your client.

Offset is designed to be simple - so we don’t insist that your clients salary is paid into their savings account, and there is also no minimum opening deposit for their Offset Savings Account.

Offset options

Offset mortgages work in a fairly simple way - the money in an Offset savings account, instead of earning interest, reduces the amount of interest your client pays on their mortgage. So, they’re only charged interest on the difference between the money in their Offset savings account and the amount they owe on their mortgage.

There are 3 main options for your client to choose from:


Net payment
Reduce current mortgage repayments

With this option, your client will be using their Offset savings to lower their monthly mortgage payments now, but their mortgage won’t be paid off any sooner.


Gross payment
Reduce future mortgage repayments

Here your client’s Offset savings are used to lower their monthly payments each year going forwards but they also won’t pay off their mortgage any sooner. Every year your client’s payment is recalculated, based on their reduced mortgage balance and the remaining mortgage term.


Static payment
Reduce the term of the mortgage

With this option, your client’s Offset savings are used to pay their mortgage off quicker. However, their monthly mortgage payments won’t reduce.

We offer your clients flexibility to switch between these options if their circumstances change.

Get started with Offset

Offset calculator

Try our Offset Calculator to see how an Offset mortgage could benefit your clients.

Offset Calculator

Product finder

Use our online product finder to search for the right Offset deal for your client.

Product finder

Our Offset mortgages can be operated online so it’s easy for your clients to:

  • Change personal details, including the username and password they use to login.
  • View the balance and statements for their Offset Mortgage & Offset Savings Account(s).
  • Transfer money out of their savings account(s) and arrange regular payments and standing orders.
  • Make debit card payments to their Offset Savings Account.
  • Send us a secure message
  • Read our guide to using your Offset account


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