Address information – AIP submission

We are currently experiencing an issue whereby if an ‘&’ is included within the address field of an AIP (e.g. Tyne & Wear) our system will auto decline it. Please use ‘and’ rather than ‘&’ (e.g. Tyne and Wear). The issue is being investigated and a fix will be applied as soon as possible. Should you require any assistance please call 0345 1200 866.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this issue.

Valuations instructed & case processing starts:

1 working day*

of receiving app. & fee.
* New build always starts day 1

Average application to offer time:

Application to offer

9 days


% Post
assessed within 2 days*:


*working days

decision referral within:

Lending decision referral

1 hour 2 mins *

*working hours

waiting time is up to:

*38 seconds

from dial to pick-up

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