The Accord Welcome Box

A gift from you to your clients

Imagine your clients receiving this house-warming present when they move into their new home. They'd be surprised and delighted. Especially when they discover that the gift came from you, their broker.

Okay, it's great that your clients are delighted. But you might also be thinking that while a Welcome Box like this is certainly a good idea, it's not without its drawbacks. First, there’s the cost - have you the budget? Then there’s the time spent ordering them every time a client buys a home, not to mention remembering to order them!

Well the good news is that if one of your clients buys a home with an Accord mortgage, we’ll send out the Welcome Box for you - with your name on the gift card. We’ll pay for everything and take care of the logistics, so there’s nothing for you to do. Except sit back and enjoy the satisfaction of a happy client.

And receiving the Welcome Box does seem to make happier clients. We asked brokers whose clients had received a Welcome Box if they felt it had helped to strengthen their relationship with their client. 63% said yes. And 68% also believed their client was more likely to recommend them to family and friends as a result of receiving the gift. 1

So, happier clients and  happier brokers. 

1Accord survey undertaken between March and April 2017 of 75 brokers whose clients had received a welcome box since 5 September 2016.