Take part in the Homes for Ukraine Scheme

The UK government has announced the Homes for Ukraine scheme to support refugees fleeing the conflict in Ukraine. We fully support this scheme and have made it as simple as possible for our mortgage customers who want to take part and be a sponsor. 

If you're planning to support the scheme to house Ukrainian refugees, we can confirm that we have no objection (and you don't need to notify us) as long as the following applies:

Where you're providing:

  • A room (or rooms) in your own home – your guest should be classed as a lodger (meaning they reside with you under a licence rather than a tenancy) and you’ll need to enter into a licence agreement to ensure that all parties are clear on the terms of their arrangement. The Homes for Ukraine scheme has provided a model agreement for you to use (Excluded Licence Agreement: see link below)

  • A residential property you own – you do not need to get our consent to this, but you'll need to enter into a tenancy agreement using the model agreement provided by the Homes for Ukraine scheme (Excluded Tenancy Agreement: see link below)

  • A Buy to Let property - normal mortgage and letting conditions apply, and you’ll need to enter into a tenancy agreement which either complies with the letting conditions set out your mortgage conditions or follows the model agreement provided by the Homes for Ukraine scheme (Excluded Tenancy Agreement: see below)

If you have any further questions regarding the scheme, please visit the Homes for Ukraine scheme: frequently asked questions - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Home Insurance

If your residential home insurance is with RSA, they have advised us that:

  • Where the policyholder is housing a Ukrainian refugee, RSA will not require notification within the first 12 months of the refugee(s) living in the policyholders’ home

  • If your policy is with another provider, you should check with them to see if they need to be made aware of any changes.

Further Information

The government has published the Excluded License Agreement and Excluded Tenancy Agreement on the FAQ page: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/homes-for-ukraine-scheme-frequently-asked-questions

You can find up to date information and register your interest in the scheme at the Homes for Ukraine website  Homes for Ukraine scheme 

No. If you become a sponsor, we won’t charge you a higher interest rate or any fees or charges in connection with the changed occupancy of the property. 

It's important you consider if by providing this support you are still able to afford your household bills and pay your mortgage without financial difficulty. If your family budget is already squeezed and you’re thinking of being a sponsor, please remember that hosting a guest could mean that some of your regular household bills may increase. 

Let us know straight away if you are having problems repaying your mortgage.  You could also talk to Money Advice Trust (MAT), who will be able to offer you free, independent advice. They have helped many people to find realistic and affordable ways to solve their debt problems - this is why we have chosen to work with them. You can call MAT direct on freephone 0808 808 4000, or find out more at www.nationaldebtline.org. If you’re self employed then call them direct on freephone 0800 197 6026 or find out more at www.businessdebtline.org

We will keep this page updated as we find out more about the scheme.