Buy to Let Product Transfers

If your special product rate is about to come to an end, we may be able to offer you a transfer to a new rate.

  •   If your account number begins 10013 or 10014, call us on 0345 848 0224 to find out if we can help, and switch today.

  • If your account number starts with 17 or 18, click on the button below to find out more. You will have the option of switching online or you can call us.

The products available to you depend on your payment history with us.

Our transfer process is straightforward

We'll write to you a few weeks before your current mortgage deal ends, if you are eligible, with details of any products available to you and the ways in which you can apply for these.

As we are unable to provide advice, if you cannot choose a mortgage product and require advice, you will need to speak to your broker or seek independent financial advice.

Useful information & Guidance

When transfer requests can be submitted

You can request a product transfer offer up to 90 days before the product period end date.

Accepting the offer

If applying online or by telephone you can accept your offer right away.

The transfer will happen once your current deal ends. This is to avoid you having to pay any Early Repayment Charges. If you do want the transfer to happen immediately, allow up to 5 working days for processing and for it to appear on your account.


  • Mortgages must have been held with us for at least 12 months.
  • You must not be residing in the property.
  • There must be less than the value of 1 month's mortgage payment in arrears, up to a maximum amount of £100 at the time of applying for a transfer and completion of transfer.
  • There must be no more than one missed or late payment in the last 24 months.
  • Your mortgage account balance must be at least £10,000.


The remaining term on your mortgage account must not be less than 2 years 5 months and the term of the new mortgage product to which you wish to transfer must not exceed this remaining term, i.e. a 5 year product can be taken if the remaining term on your mortgage is 5 years or more.

Early Repayment Charges

Your mortgage statement will show whether you are still within the early repayment charge (ERC) period for your mortgage, Early repayment charges apply in the event of a Product Transfer. If the ERC period ends within the next 90 days, you can apply for a transfer now but it cannot take place until after the ERC period has ended, unless you agree to pay the early repayment charges. Any charges which apply must be paid on completion of the transfer.


The maximum LTV is 75%

Revaluation Fees

We take into account your mortgage balance compared to the estimated value of your property (LTV). We calculate this estimated value by using our House Price Index, which is recalculated every quarter. This is the figure we use when assessing your eligibility for our Transfer products unless you request a revaluation.

You can request a revaluation of your property to ascertain the current LTV, if you believe your property's current value is different to the estimated valuation on our records. Please note that by requesting a revaluation you are not reserving any of our mortgage products or interest rates. Products can be withdrawn at any time and you will only be able to choose from the range available once your current valuation is confirmed.

If a revaluation is required, then a non-refundable fee of £70 is payable. This fee is payable upfront upon request of a revaluation. You can pay the fee by either debit or credit card by contacting our Existing Customer Team on 0345 848 0224.

Important things to remember

  • We only offer our own mortgage products

  • We will not charge you a fee for this service

  • You can obtain an illustration on any product you may be eligible for by calling us on 0345 848 0224

If you're planning to change the term of your mortgage or the way in which you repay your mortgage as part of the transfer process, and there is more than one applicant, then we'll require identification for each applicant. Please call us on 0345 848 0224 for more information.

All communications with us may be monitored/recorded to improve the quality of our service and for your protection and security. Calls to 03 numbers are charged at the same standard network rate as 01 or 02 landline numbers, even when calling from a mobile.


Your property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

If you have a Buy to Let property, then alternatively a receiver may be appointed (except in Scotland) to receive the rent and/or to sell the property. After sale, you will remain responsible for the payment of any mortgage shortfall debt.


Transfer Product sheet

The Buy to Let Transfer Product Factsheet details all of our current transfer products