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Payment options

Once you have your mortgage up and running and your payments are set up, you'll find there may be a number of payment options open to you.

On this page, you can find information on making overpayments, what to do if you need to take a payment holiday and details of our Early Repayment Charges.

Please note, we only accept business through mortgage brokers. The information on this page may help to clarify certain points for you but it is not intended to replace professional advice.


  • Any extra payments you make either regularly or occasionally, will immediately reduce your mortgage balance and the amount of interest charged.
  • Overpaying on your mortgage can help to reduce your future payments.
  • Please note that many products during the early repayment charge period have a limit on the amount that can be overpaid each year. Further details can be found in your mortgage illustrations and mortgage offer.
  • If you want to pay your mortgage off quicker you must contact us. Otherwise, at annual review, your payments will be adjusted every year rather than reducing the term of your mortgage. Please note that the annual review process does not apply to Buy to Let customers with accounts beginning 100134 or 10014.

Underpayments and taking a payment holiday

  • By making overpayments, you can reduce your monthly payments or even take a payment break (or 'holiday').
  • The reduced or missed payments can't exceed the amount you previously overpaid.
  • You need to agree with us any underpayments or payment holiday you want to take. Any agreed reduction or break in your payments will increase the amount of interest we charge you.
  • You should be aware that interest continues to be charged on your mortgage during payment holidays.
  • Buy to Let customers - we do not currently have such a policy for Buy to Let customers.

Early Repayment Charges

You will need to pay any early repayment charges if you repay (redeem) your loan in full. These charges will also apply if you repay in excess of any overpayment limits. You may also have to pay charges if you transfer (in full or part) to a different product or to our Standard Variable Rate.

Details of how Early Repayment Charges are calculated and when they apply can be found in the mortgage illustrations and mortgage offer.

If you wish to move home during the Early Repayment Charge period, the mortgage product is 'portable' and so can be moved to the new property (Residential customers only). Subject to certain conditions, this means that all or part of the Early Repayment Charges could be refunded.

Please see our guide to Moving Home for details about porting your mortgage >

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