How your account may be affected if you live in the European Economic Area (EEA)

The Brexit transition period ended on 31st December 2020. As a result, there will be changes to the way that our mortgage customers who live in the EEA will be able to manage their mortgage from 1st January 2021


What’s changed?

As a result of Brexit, we will no longer be able to provide products to customers living in the EEA, and this means that from 1 January 2021, we’re restricted in how we're able to service existing mortgages for customers who reside in EEA Member States.

How does this affect my mortgage?

Providing you meet our existing customer borrowing criteria, you’ll still be able to switch to a new product with us when your current product ends. It’s also still possible to extend the term of your mortgage, as long as this would not take you past your retirement age.

The following variations to your mortgage will no longer be possible while you're living in the EEA:

  • Transferring your mortgage to another property (porting)

  • Adding or removing a borrower from the mortgage account (transfer of equity)

  • Additional borrowing on the property

  • Changing your mortgage repayment from interest-only to capital repayment and vice versa

  • Reducing the term of your mortgage

Has the Brexit trade deal changed our position with regards to customers living in the EEA?

The Brexit trade deal announced on 24 December didn’t include any specific EU-wide arrangement for financial services and, crucially, no change to the position on cross-border services or passporting – the process that enables firms in an EEA state to carry out activities in any other EEA state.

This means UK firms currently have to negotiate a patchwork of regulations with individual states within the EEA.

Due to this continued complexity and lack of certainty – and the possibility we’d be at risk of operating without authorisation in any state within the EEA, regardless of anything in the trade agreement – we’ve made the difficult decision to maintain our original approach for customers living in the EEA.

We haven’t come to this decision lightly, and would like to apologise if you have experienced any inconvenience as a result of these changes.

Can I still get advice?

We will no longer be able to give you any advice on any changes to your mortgage if you decide to approach us directly. You’ll need to speak with your broker about whether they’re still able to offer you advice.

What happens when my mortgage product comes to an end?

We’ll contact you around 90 days before any of your mortgage parts come to the end of their term. You can switch products online or over the phone as long as existing customer criteria are met.

How can I make payments to my mortgage account?

Many UK banks and building societies are closing their customers' current and saving accounts where they live in an EEA country. If this is the case with the account you use to pay your mortgage, you’ll need to find alternative arrangements to make these payments.

If you choose to pay your mortgage via electronic foreign payment transfer, please find the details you require below.


Residential customers

Sort code: 56-00-36
Bank account: 28512081
Bank account Name: Accord Mortgages Ltd
IBAN: GB69NWBK56003628512081
Reference: Your 10 digit Accord mortgage account number
Account name: Accord Mortgage account name
Bank name: National Westminster Bank
Bank branch address: Broadway Branch, 1 Market Street, Bradford BD1 1EG


Buy-to-Let mortgage customers

Sort Code – 56-00-36
Bank Account: 29562783
Bank Account Name: Accord Mortgages Ltd
IBAN: GB26NWBK56003629562783
Reference: Your 10 Digit Accord BTL Mortgage account number
Account Name: Accord BTL Mortgage account name
Bank Name: National Westminster Bank
Bank Branch Address: Broadway Branch, 1 Market Street, Bradford BD1 1EG

I have an offset mortgage – do these changes affect me?

Offset mortgages are affected in the same way as non-offset. Your offset savings account will remain open. If you wish to make electronic foreign payments into your offset savings account you’ll need to use the following details.
Sort code: 56-00-36
Bank account: 28512197
Bank account name: Accord Mortgages Ltd
IBAN: GB41NWBK56003628512197
Reference: Your 10 digit Accord saving offset account number
Account name: Accord Savings Offset account name
Bank name: National Westminster Bank
Bank branch address: Broadway Branch, 1 Market Street, Bradford BD1 1EG

What if I move back to the UK?

If you move back to the UK at any time, please let us know as this will affect how you are able to manage your mortgage.

I currently live in the EEA — can I take out a new mortgage with you?

We do not accept mortgage applications made by customers who live outside the UK and this will not be changing.

Our mortgage has joint account holders, one of whom lives in the UK — are we affected?

Unless all account holders are residents in the UK, the restrictions outlined above will apply, although there may be exceptions in certain circumstances. For example, if you were looking to remove a borrower who lives in the EEA from your mortgage account (a transfer of equity), this may be possible.

I’m having difficulty making payments – what should I do?

If you're having trouble making your mortgage payments please call us as soon as possible. By discussing your circumstances, we may be able to offer help.
Accord residential mortgages 0800 138 2401
Accord buy-to-let mortgages 0345 848 0225

Can a friend or family member make payments to my account on my behalf?

We are not able to accept mortgage payments from any individuals who are not mortgage account holders. We are, however, able to accept payments from a foreign account in your name.

If you are having difficulty paying your mortgage, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can work with you to resolve this.

Might I be asked to repay my remaining mortgage balance before it reaches the end of its term?

We will continue to service the mortgages of our customers who live in an EEA Member State and do not intend to ask for balances to be repaid before they reach the end of their term. However, our position is subject to the rules of individual EEA Member States and so could change in the future.

Are Crown employees affected in the same way?

If you’re a Crown employee, or if you’re the spouse or civil partner of a Crown employee, we are able to continue servicing your account as we would have done previously. If you’ve been contacted about restrictions being added to your mortgage account, please get in touch with us so that we can update our records.

I want to switch from a non-offset mortgage to offset – is that possible?

While you’re living in an EEA Member State, it is not possible to open a new savings account and this includes offset savings accounts. This means that it is not possible to switch from a non-offset to offset mortgage while living in an EEA Member State.