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Switch your mortgage deal

If your current deal is about to come to an end, or you are considering switching deals, we've got a range of mortgages to choose from.

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Important Information!

Due to coronavirus, our mortgage team are currently experiencing a significantly higher volume of calls than normal. If you need to speak to us for advice on your mortgage, you may need to wait for appointments to become available. Alternatively, you can use our online services if you feel confident in choosing a mortgage deal that’s right for you..

Important information for Buy to Let customers- Please note we do not currently allow Buy to Let customers to switch deal online. The information below relates to Residential customers only.
Find out more about changing your Buy to Let deal >

How does it work?

It's easy & simple. Switch your deal in just 4 simple steps.


We send a reminder
Around 90 days before your current deal is due to end, we'll contact you. We only offer you deals that we know you're eligible for and we'll send you these in the post.


Review your options
To compare monthly payments you can retrieve your mortgage online, you just need your mortgage account number. You'll find this on any letter we've sent about your mortgage.


Choose a new deal.
Look through our latest deals right now and find the deal that's right for you.

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Need help deciding? Speak to one of our experts.


Switch your deal!
You can do this online or over the telephone. Once you’ve made your choice and paid any fees we will confirm your new deal. You'll receive a letter confirming your changes.

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Please enter a borrower type.

Please enter a property value.

Please enter a deposit borrowing amount.

Please enter an existing mortgage balance.

Please enter an amount being switched

Please enter a term.

Your property value must be greater than your deposit borrowing amount.

You have asked to switch {{ | currency:'£': 0}}. The minimum amount you can switch is £3,000. Please amend the amount and try again.

A minimum remaining term of 2 years 3 months is required to switch to a new deal. Please update your details and search again or if your remaining mortgage term is less than 2 years 3 months, please contact us.

You have asked to borrow {{ | currency:'£': 0}}. The maxmimum amount we will lend is £5,000,000. Please adjust your property value or depositborrowing amount.

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Interest rate  
{{ :: product['Interest Rate 1']}} variable (BoE Base rate + {{ :: product['Rate 1 BOE loading']}}) variable (YBS Standard Variable Rate {{ :: product['Rate 1 BOE loading']}}) fixed until {{ :: product['Rate 1 End Date'].split("-").reverse().join("/")}}.
Overall cost for comparison   {{ :: product.APRC}} APRC
Product fee  
{{ :: product['Comp Fee'] | currency:'£': 0}}
Monthly payment for amount switched  
{{ product['estimatedMonthlyPayment'] | currency:'£': 0}} ({{product['estimatedMonthlyPaymentIncludingFee'] | currency: '£': 0}} if product fee added to mortgage balance) on an interest only repayment basis
Estimated total cost paid over the deal period
{{ product['trueCostTerm'] | currency:'£': 0}} ({{product['trueCostTermIncludingFee'] | currency: '£': 0}} if product fee added to mortgage balance)
Additional features Free valuation Free legals

Early Repayment Charges apply and other fees and charges may apply.

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Product Details

Key features

End date:

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Reverting to:

{{:: product['SVR']}}



{{:: product['Cashback']}}

Free standard valuation

Additional info

Self Cert​ifcation customers only




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Available for:

Product Transfer

Minimum loan amount:

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Early Repayment Charges

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{{:: product['ERC rank 2']}}

{{:: product['ERC rank 3']}}

{{:: product['ERC rank 4']}}

{{:: product['ERC rank 5']}}

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{{:: product['ERC rank 10']}}

Effective date


Compare up to 3 mortgages

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6 reasons why switching is so easy!

What you will need

You can reserve your new deal
You can reserve a new deal up to 90 days before your current deal ends. If Early Charges apply, you can even delay switching until they no longer apply!  
You can switch quickly
If you'd prefer, we can switch deal in a matter of days/hours. It commonly takes 8 weeks if you were to move to another lender.  
We've already checked your eligibility
Save yourself from the pain of reapplying all over again because we only offer deals that we know you are eligible for.  
There's no credit check
Switching your deal with us will not affect your credit rating. Remortgaging with another lender would.  
There's no need for a house valuation
Since you already have your mortgage with us.  
There's no need for a solicitor
You won't need a solicitor to help you switch deal. You will if you remortgage with another lender.  


What happens if I don't switch?

If you don't do anything then your mortgage will go onto our Standard Variable Rate (SVR).
  • Your mortgage payments could go up or down
  • You can make unlimited overpayments You can pay your mortgage off early with any Early Repayment Charges

Am I eligible?

  • Mortgages must have been held with us for at least 12 months.
    Borrowers with a Credit Repair mortgage may be eligible for a transfer product after 24 months.
  • For residential customers, the property must be your main residence.
  • BTL customers must not reside in the property.
  • Any arrears on your mortgage must be less than one monthly payment or £100 (whichever is lower).
  • There must be no more than one missed or late payment in the last 12 months (24 months for BTL).
  • For transfers from a Credit Repair products, there must be no missed payments in the last 24 months.
  • The balance on the part of the mortgage you wish to transfer onto a new product, must be at least £3,000.
  • If the mortgage is in joint names you must have the authority to switch deal on behalf of all applicants.
  • You are not Moving from another mortgage provider.
  • You must also meet all of our other lending criteria.

Things to consider

You should only switch online if:

  • You're sure that you don't need advice on requesting a new deal.
  • You're not changing any other details of the mortgage such as the term of the mortgage or the repayment method or wanting to pay a lump sum.
  • You're not borrowing more or making a lump sum payment.
  • No part of your current mortgage is on an 'interest only' repayment method.
  • You're not moving from one self-certification mortgage to another.

Ways to apply

If you're happy to stay with us, have all the information to hand and have read the things to consider above, then you are ready to get started. You can switch in minutes. Alternatively, you can get advice from your broker about what to do next.

Current deal about to end? We require up to 7 days to process any switch to a new deal, so if you choose to switch with less than 7 days of your existing deal remaining, your interest rate may revert to our standard variable rate (currently 4.49%) and your next monthly mortgage payment may increase.

Apply online

Will Accord offer me advice?

If you're applying online, advice is not offered.

Switch your deal

Apply by telephone

Talk to one of our friendly mortgage advisers

Will Accord offer me advice?

If you're applying by telephone, it's your choice.

0345 1200 891*


8am - 8pm : Monday to Friday
9am - 1pm: Saturday




Need to pay fees?

You can pay any outstanding Product Fee or Early Repayment Charges by calling us on 0345 1200 891*.

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