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Payments from your Offset Savings account

How to send money from your Accord Offset savings account.

There are a few options when it comes to sending money from your Accord Offset Savings accounts.

How it works

Login to your online account and select the savings account you wish to transfer from.

Click 'Transfer money' under the 'Account options' menu.

You can choose to send money to an account already listed or select 'Transfer to a new account'. Enter a payment amount.

If you are sending money to a new destination account, you will need to enter a sort code, account number and a name for the payee.

Click 'confirm' to complete the transaction.

Payments from your Accord offset savings account to an external account will be sent via Faster Payments. Faster Payments is a service that allows you to move money electronically between accounts at different banks and building societies. Standing orders can also be sent using this service, subject to payment limits. There are no withdrawal limits for sending money from your accounts using this service, subject to your available account balance.


  • The cut-off time for processing these payments online is midnight.
  • Under normal circumstances a Faster Payment should arrive at the destination account the following day after the transfer was made - however, this is not guaranteed and on occasions the transfer may take longer.


There is no charge for making a Faster Payment or Standing Order.

There is also no charge for the failure of a Standing Order due to insufficient funds in an account. However if you're aware that a payment is due to be debited from your account you should make every effort to ensure that there are sufficient funds available to make the payment.

If you don't have online access to your account, you can still request a transfer via Faster Payment by downloading a Request to withdraw form and sending a completed copy to:

Accord Mortgages
Customer Service Centre - Admin - Savings
Yorkshire House

Please note, this form can also be used if you wish to raise a payment via cheque.

Did you know? You can check the sort code of the bank you wish to send a faster payment to. Visit the Faster Payments Sort Code Checker web site to find out how.


CHAPS are 'same day value' electronic payments which, when received into accounts, are treated as cleared funds.

To make a CHAPS payment you will need to download the CHAPS request form , complete the details and return it to:

Accord Mortgages
Customer Service Centre - Admin - Savings
Yorkshire Building Society
Yorkshire House

If you are registered for online access to your accounts, you will need to confirm your request by sending us a secure message in addition to the request form.


  • Payment requests will be processed on the day of receipt provided your completed request is received at the Customer Service Centre prior to 12.00 midday on any day.
  • Requests received after 12.00 will be processed on the next day.

Withdrawal limits

There is no withdrawal limit for a CHAPS payment, subject to your the cleared funds being available in your account.


There is a fee of £23.50 for CHAPS payments.


Please note: Accord Mortgages do not offer a service for transferring money from your account to an account abroad.

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