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Information and guidance on making changes to your Accord mortgage.

This section includes details about making changes to your Accord mortgage - whether you're moving home, need to borrow some more or want to change your deal, we've got you covered.

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  • All about Offset

    If you're considering or have chosen an Accord Mortgages Offset product, find out more about how it works and the potential benefits of linking your mortgage with your savings.

    Read more about offset >

  • Change your mortgage deal

    When it's time to switch mortgages find out how we may be able to help you secure a new rate on your mortgage with our online request form.

    Read more about switching your deal >

  • Moving home? Take your mortgage deal with you

    All Accord Mortgages products are 'portable' - this means if you are moving home you can keep your Accord mortgage product.

    Read more about moving home >

  • Borrowing more on your mortgage

    If you'd like to borrow more on your existing mortgage, read our guide on additional lending to find out how.

    Read about borrowing more >

  • Transfer of Equity

    Adding or removing someone from your mortgage? You'll need to apply for what we call a Transfer of equity.

    Read more about Transfer of Equity >