Portfolio Landlord?

It’s easy to apply

It’s the same online application you know. We’ll simply ask a few additional questions to decide if your client is a portfolio landlord. Your Underwriter will call you when they start processing the case to ask for a personal assets statement and anything else they need-they want to make the application process fast and smooth for you and your client.

We’ve made sure the lending criteria is straightforward too. There are no changes to LTV limits, maximum loan size or minimum income criteria.

View our Portfolio landlords criteria here

We're easier to deal with

You’ll have direct access to a dedicated, named BTL Underwriter who’ll manage your client’s case from start to finish.

They are real people who make lending decisions using common sense and judgment not computers or a rule book. They’ll take the time to properly understand your client, looking for reasons to say we can do it, not reasons to say we can’t.

We're always improving

And don't just take our word for it!

Our Net Promotor Score (NPS) has gone from -3 in February 2016 to 64 in September. So, brokers are willing to recommend Accord BTL and our service to others brokers.

Here’s what one of our brokers had to say about our changes:

I’m so thankful you have agreed this case and how refreshing it is to be able to speak to an underwriter who makes the decisions.

John Sizer – PFS (IFA) Limited (Mark)

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