BTL New Build

Being a new build lender and giving you and your new build clients a genuine alternative for new build applications has always been our ambition and mission statement! Building on that ambition we’re delighted to now offer new build to your BTL clients on both houses and flats. Mission accomplished!
Property Type Maximum LTV
New Build Houses 75%
New Build Flats 75%


  • Minimum Property Valuation must be £100,000
  • New build offers are valid for 6 months and can be reissued for a further 6 months

  • Top Slicing (the use of surplus earned income to make up rental shortfall) is not permitted for lending on new build properties

Builders Incentives

  • For Houses & Bungalows: the maximum allowable builder’s incentive is 5%. If the total value of incentives exceeds 5% of the purchase price, the difference should be deducted from the purchase price and LTV calculated on then lower figure

  • For flats and maisonettes: where the builder’s incentive is cash back or deposit paid, this is not acceptable unless the full incentive is deducted from the purchase price to calculate the loan to value. Any other incentives must not exceed 5%

All of our current BTL purchase products are available for new build properties subject to meeting the standard LTV and loan amount criteria.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept applications for some new build developments. Use our handy tool to check before you submit an application - start typing the postcode, builder or development name below to see if it's on our list.

Please note: for partial postcode matches, please ensure you have also searched for the name of the builder and/or development name.

Why choose Accord for your client’s New Build mortgage?

New Build houses and flats are available up to 75% LTV
with incentives up to 5%.
Plus, Day 1 valuation instructions come as standard.


New build experts available
A team of New Build experts are available via web chat who you can contact for help with any pre-application and policy queries, or anything else you need to chat through. Contact via web chat any time we’re open.

A dedicated team of New Build underwriters. Providing you with a slick service, so you’re clear on what we require, upfront.


Our New Build offers are valid for 6 months and can be reissued for a further 6 months.
Simply call the underwriter handling the original offer 30 days before it’s due to expire and they will tell you what we need.

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