BTL in Scotland

We’ve extended our reach further north and now lend in Scotland! So, if your landlord client has a property in Scotland or even a New Build our BTL product range is available for them to choose from. And, if you’re client needs to use some of their surplus income to ‘top up’ a rental shortfall, we do Top Slicing too. See our policy on New Build here, or our policy on Top Slicing here.

It’s important to note that different income thresholds apply within our rental calculator for lending in Scotland. So, we’ll treat any applicant with a taxable income more than £43,663 as a high rate taxpayer for rental stress testing.


  • A standard mortgage valuation will be required

  • Maximum of 2 individuals on a single tenancy agreement

  • In order for a property to be deemed as acceptable security, it must have a minimum Energy Performance Rating of E

  • The property must be let under a a single Assured Tenancy, a single Short Assured Tenancy (SAT) or a single Private Residential Tenancy (PRT)

  • Acceptable Tenure in Scotland: Absolute & Outright Ownership.