From Monday 11 March we’ll no longer issue a KFI. Instead we’ll issue an ESIS.

This change makes sure we comply with the EU Mortgage Credit Directive deadline later this month.

It will affect all new residential applications and any porting, additional loans and product transfers.

We’re also going to start issuing binding offers. So, any specialist reports or other actions in the valuation will have to be completed before the offer is issued.

This may have a knock on effect in how quickly we can issue an offer. But it removes the risk of an offer being withdrawn due to issues with the property.

What about cases already with Accord?

Pre-Offer – We’ll send out an ESIS offer. Any specialist reports or other conditions will need to be completed prior to offer.

Post-Offer – There’ll be no change for these cases. .

If you’re unsure about the status of the application you’ve already submitted, call the underwriter handling your case.

These changes come into effect from 8am on Monday 11 March.