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We’re making changes to our BTL product range

Applies to: BTL PT only

To help us maintain our service level and give brokers a better choice of products, we’re making the following changes to our BTL range:

BTL rates going up & incentives changing

  • Cashback on 80% LTV HP products reduced from £1500 to £500 (Product codes 103274,103275)
  • Cashback on 80% LTV RM products reduced from £1250 to £250 (Product codes 501161,501162)
  • 75% LTV 2 year HP product with £995 fee increased by 0.01% (Product code 103271)
  • 75% LTV 5 year RM products with £1995 fee increased by 0.05% (Product codes 103282,501158)
  • 75% LTV 5 year HP product with £1995 fee increased by 0.04% (Product code 103272)
  • 75% LTV 5 year RM products with £995 fee increased by between 0.01% and 0.02% (Product code 103284,501160).

BTL products being withdrawn and not replaced

  • All 65% 2 year products will be been withdrawn and not replaced
  • 65% HP products will be withdrawn and not replaced
  • 75% LTV 5 year products with £1495 fee will be withdrawn and not replaced.

New BTL products

  • New 80% LTV products added with £0 and £995 fees. (Product codes 103285,103286,103287,501159,501163,501164,501165)
  • New 5 year 60% LTV RM products added to the range (Product codes 103278,501153)

BTL rates going down

  • Our current 80% LTV products rates reduced by between 0.61% and 0.69% (Product codes 103274,103275,501161,501162)
  • 2 year 75% LTV HP product with £1995 fee reduced by 0.10% (Product code 103270)

BTL deals not changing

Nothing-all products are being updated with end dates being extended until 31st May.

The current products will be withdrawn at 6pm Friday 29th January and the new range launched at 8pm Monday 1st February.

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