Product transfer rate cut

28 Product Transfer deals cut by up to 0.45%– Thursday 28 November

We’re updating our Product Transfer range at 9am on Thursday 29 November. And it’s good news for your clients whose Accord deal is coming to an end:

Product Transfer rates going down
We’ve cut 28 deals across the range by up to 0.45%

New Product Transfer deals
We’re launching four new products across our higher LTV tiers:

90% LTV

  • 2 year fix at 1.75% with a £1,495 fee
  • 2 year fix at 1.89% with a £995 fee
  • 5 year fix at 2.40% with a £995 fee

100% LTV

  • 2 year fix at 3.29% with a £1,495 fee

Product Transfer rates going up
We’re increasing one 5 year fix at 85% LTV by 0.05%

Product Transfer deals not changing
None – to give your clients value for longer we’re extending all product end dates until 30 April
And don’t forget we pay a competitive 0.30% proc fee for residential product transfers.
You could get an offer in minutes with our improved online application process. We don’t require affordability assessments, valuations or credit checks for straightforward mortgage switches.