Get 2018 off to a great start with our new residential products

We’re making the following changes to our residential product range from 9am on Wednesday 20 December:

New Residential Products

We’re introducing 7 new products to the range across the 65% - 85% LTV tiers. The new deals all come with a cashback and free valuation incentive..

Residential rates going down

We’re making 20 rate reductions of up to 0.23% across the 75% - 95% LTV tiers. We’re also amending the product fees and cashback incentive on three deals in the range.

Residential rates going up

We’re making 8 rate increases up to 0.05% in the 75%, 80% & 95% LTV tiers

Residential deals not changing

48 products will remain unchanged

Residential products being withdrawn and not replaced

We’re withdrawing one deal – code 46576 - with no replacement.
The current range of products will be withdrawn at 8pm on Tuesday 19 December and the new products will be available from 9am on Wednesday 20 December.

Important information when a product withdrawal is announced