Selected rates reduced by up to 0.32%

We're pleased to announce we're reducing rates at 75%, 80% and 85% LTV by up to 0.32%.

We're also withdrawing and not replacing a selection of products (including all Trackers) and increasing rates at 90% and 95% LTV.

What's being reduced?
75% LTV – rates reduced by up to 32bps
80% LTV – rates reduced by up to 21bps
85% LTV – rates reduced by up to 21bps.

What else is changing?
Selected products (including all Trackers)
90% LTV – All rates increased by 10bps (excluding Portability Top up products)
95% LTV – selected rates increased by 2bps.

Key dates:
Effected products to be withdrawn at 8pm on Thursday 13th September and new products launched 9am Friday 13th September.