Residential product launch

We're extending our residential product range and increasing selected rates

We're making the following changes to our Residential product range at 9am Thursday 9th April.

New residential products

  • We're extending our range of 80% LTV products to give you a wider choice of products for your clients.

Residential rates going up

  • We're increasing selected product rates by up to 0.06% at 75% LTV, 0.08% at 80% LTV and 0.09% 85% LTV.

Residential products being withdrawn and not replaced

The following products will be withdrawn and not replaced:

  • Product code 51231 - 2 year fixed remortgage product at 85% LTV
  • Product code 51235 - 5 year fixed remortgage product at 85% LTV

The current products will be withdrawn at 8pm Wednesday 8th April and the new range launched 9am Thursday 9th April.