Accord website redesigned

We've listened to your feedback on our website, and delivered sweeping changes to our online offering in response.

Find out about the new and improved features on offer:


A totally new look for a new Accord.


Find what you're looking for with ease.


A host of new features, including...

Improvements to our product finder

It's now easier than ever to check our product range.

We've aimed to list our product details in as concise a way as possible, meaning you can spend more time helping your clients and less time sifting through deals.

Clearer Lending criteria

We've taken the time to rethink how we convey our lending policy.

It's now much easier and quicker to find specifics on a given topic - and we've signposted our policy into three helpful categories: Applicants, Products, and Property types.

More visual Offset Calculator

Now you can demonstrate Offset in a much more visual way.

Bringing the benefits of Offset to life is now a whole lot easier. Modify your figures and see the results drawn onto a graph in real time.

Overhaul of our guides

We've made the guidance we offer more straightforward.

Now our guides are available on our website, in an easy-to-digest format. No more downloading lots of PDFs!

And much more! Including:

  • Improved contact finder

    Now our contact finder will ask you two key questions before presenting you with contact details, in order of their helpfulness to you.

  • A commitment to BTL

    We've aimed to turn our BTL site into a hub for Buy to Let brokers, with relevant information and news on a constantly changing market.

  • We're more social!

    Not only are we now creating content, we're also giving you the ability to share this content via social media.

  • Improved loading times