Easy BTL product switches plus we’ll pay a proc fee

Have you ever filled in an application for a client only to be bombarded by requests for paperwork which are quite simply a pain to get? Well, for Buy to Let we’ve removed the ones we think give you the most grief. And, if we do need to see some paperwork we no longer need it to be certified when you upload or send it to us. Win win!

So, you have a BTL client who’s current rate is coming to an end, or are they thinking about switching the deal they are on? That’s great, because from today we’ll pay you a procuration fee of 0.30% gross to recognise the work you do for your clients and we’ve improved the process.

  1. Choose a product from our Product Transfer range
  2. Go to the product transfer page on the Accord BTL website
  3. Complete and submit the online product transfer request form

And that’s not all, our range now includes 60% LTV PT products with lower rates and fees, giving you a better choice of products for your clients.