We're making changes to our BTL product range

We're making the following changes to our BTL product range at 6pm Wednesday 24th June:

BTL rates going down & end dates extended

  • We're reducing rates on selected 75% LTV BTL remortgage products by up to 0.08%.
  • We're also reducing the rates of our 60%, 65% & 70% BTL house purchase products by up to 0.16%.
  • We're extending end dates to the 30th September across our full BTL product range.

BTL Fees or incentives changing

  • We're reducing cashback for our house purchase products from £500 to £250 where LTV is 75% or less.

BTL products being withdrawn and not replaced

  • 18 products are being withdrawn and not replaced.

The current products will be withdrawn at 6pm Wednesday 24th June and the new range launched at 9am Thursday 25th June.